People from diverse cultures around the world live their unique lives. Traditions, events and worldviews put their stamp on diverse characters all over the world, invisible to the casual traveller. In a contact of mere seconds, the slightest hint of discovery occurs. Photographer, designer and engaged human being Michael Boulogne has been able to establish contact and been able to record these unique transient moments during his many travels. A special selection chosen from a collection of thousands of his images is presented in the exclusive bundle VITA.

    Limited and numbered edition of only 10 copies (No. 1-10). Each edition is signed by Michael Boulogne and includes a signed and numbered print.


    - XL-Format: 30cm x 42cm

    - 440 pages

    - Hardcover bound in painters canvas

    - Each copy is signed and numbered by Michael Boulogne

    - Limited edition, only 10 copies available for sale

    - Includes a signed and numbered print

    - Packed in a wooden box printed with the cover of the book, handmade by Michael Boulogne

    - White cotton gloves in the box

    Price: € 2000,-